Our Process

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Something from Nothing



Future Value Design's Design process utilises Design Thinking as a fundamental approach.

Design Thinking

We are comprehensively trained and actively utilise a Design Thinking approach. This method of finding and solving the "REAL" problem is often challenging to effectively show in a single graphic. To start to understand this process the below five areas reveal some of this design approach, it can produce extremely effective results and create a successful product or service which will ultimately boost a business's return on investment.


In a highly competitive and challenging design and business environment design thinking offers a well proven method to achieve goals and desired outcomes that are often impossible to imagine at the start many projects.

  • Non-judgmental

  • Observe the user

  • Discuss, interview, fully understand perspectives and challenges

  • Research the problem

  • Focus on Users needs

  • Define challenges

  • Pain points

  • Problems you are trying to solve

  • Create user profiles

  • Divergent thinking

  • Brainstorm possible solutions

  • Ideation sketching

  • Physical mock-ups

  • Development sketching 

  • Compile concepts for presentation 

  • Test prototypes with users and discuss performance

  • Assess outcomes of testing

  • Present test results to client

  • Create test rigs for functional development

  • Create fully working prototypes

  • Consideration of manufacturing and assembly