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Our Story

The driving force behind Future Value Design is industrial designer Kieran Glasgow. Kieran has relentless curiosity and a continuous inquisitive nature for how we live and interact with the world and the products, services and people in it. He is also a man with a strong work ethic and ability to ask the right questions when it comes to design thinking, to go straight to the crux of a design problem. ​

Kieran's leading role at Future Value Design was almost inevitable, he is the son of a hard working Hunter Valley tradesman father, and an empathetic, creative, visual artist mother. In 2019, after reflection around leadership and vision and drawing inspiration from his previous diverse personal and career experience across trade, the arts, healthcare and social assistance, Future Value Design was born.

Kieran believes Australian business large and small and a sustainable global future is extremely important. After 
connecting with current freelance clients and stakeholders as well as other like-minded designers and tradespeople he had worked with, Kieran fully realised the Future and Value that design could offer. He saw the end goal and understood the journey would reveal itself as long as he maintained his tenacity and belief in what he wanted to acheive.

At Future Value Design solid solutions are the outcomes, but what drives our enthusiasm is our enjoyment of the journey, and the people we work with, form follows function so of course making something look truly amazing is something we really enjoy sharing, and be assured, if we have made a design look fantastic then we have made it function to the same high standard. That's the whole point and power of design, and we love good design.

Kieran and the creative and technical team he often employs within
Future Value Design are proudly helping business to grow into the future, for the betterment of everyone's future.