Concept - Interior Renovation

'Centre for Design and Learning'

Hunter Institiute Of Tafe - Tighes Hill, NSW, Australia

Scale Model of the final design featuring an internal nature strip for natural ventilation and a green wall at the rear of the building

Adapting a 'Blue Sky Thinking' approach our two person design team was to redesign and re-purpose an the existing Tafe building into an inspiring and innovative new Design Hub.


Some core features to be included were;


- Deciding on how much of the original building was to be utilised in the new design

 - Understanding how the space would be utilised for design. ie. ideation/drawing area, computer labs, workshop, paint booth and machinery

- Storage and modular multi-use area

- Functional and aesthetic lighting design

- Foot traffic and OH&S

Images of the existing interior

Solidworks and Illustrator software were used to produce final concept

Proposed ground level floor plan